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Northwest Fighting Academy is a family run gym. The trainers are the dynamic father and son duo: Timur and Artem Alimov. With almost 50 years of training and multiple champion titles won among the two boxers, the Alimov family offers a wide variety of classes and personal training to fit every skill level. Formally trained in the former USSR, the Alimov family provides a unique take on boxing strategy, conditioning, and technique development that encompasses all skill levels for a total-body work out in each session not available at any other gym in the northwest. Each session includes one-on-one time with a trainer, technique development, and strength and conditioning training.

The facility offers an Olympic-size boxing ring, state-of-the-art training and sparring equipment, shower rooms, and plenty of parking. With a combination of classes, private lessons, sparring, and open gym time this gym accommodates any fighter. Timur and Artem welcome all students into their family and build strong relationships with each fighter to understand their personal style and goals from fitness to competing.

Head Coach: Timur Alimov

Timur Alimov, Born in Uzbekistan in 1963, grew up in a town predominately immersed in boxing. It was common to see kids and teenagers to be associated with the boxing community. Timur,eagerly began his training in the city of Tashkent at the boxing gym, Dinamo. Timur competed in his first tournament when he was 15 years old and was active in the sport throughout his junior years winning the Junior Boxing Championships in Uzbekistan. On a domestic level, Tim became the National Amateur Boxing Champion in 1982, 1984 and 1987. Timur also fought in international tournaments in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan placing second in the major amateur tournaments. He achieved the rank of Master of Sport (USSR) as an athlete and He continued to fight in tournaments until 1989. He stayed in his home city and became a full time trainer at Dinamo until 1995. He now lives in Bellevue, WA with his wife Sasha Alimova and his three sons.

Timur’s training style consists of one on one training as well as leg work, foot work, non-contact shadow boxing, mitt work and heavy bags. Through his training, his aim is to work you hard but more importantly, to give you theconfidence in yourself in adverse situations

Coach: Artem Alimov

Meet Artem Alimov, the owner of Northwest Fighting Academy of Redmond. Artem is not only the owner of this state-of-the-art boxing gym, but he’s also one of the trainers. The other trainer is none other than Artem’s dad, Timur. Born in Uzbekistan in 1990, Artem was the first born child in the Alimov family. From an early age and still to this day, Artem credits his father as the greatest boxing influence in his life, who grew up in a community immersed in boxing.

Coach: Ronald Alimov

Meet Ronald Alimov, the youngest of the Alimov brothers. Ronald was born in 1996 in Bellevue and is the first American-born child in the Alimov family. Ronald grew up on the basketball court throughout grade school and played for his high school varsity team at Interlake. After finishing high school, Ronald started working for the Bellevue Boys and Girls Club where he could combine his love for an active lifestyle with his love for mentoring children.

From a young age, he loved to tag along to watch his older brother Artem train at a boxing gym after school, but the sport didn’t become a big part of his life until Northwest Fighting Academy opened. Ronald found himself wanting to train at the gym with his father Timur and brother Artem. He made it into the gym practically every day, even training late at night at times. His dad quickly noticed a natural ability and talent in Ronald.

Over time, Ronald started to be a big part of the gym, running open gym sessions on Saturdays, taking on personal training clients, and starting the Ladies Only class this year. Ronald’s motivation and love for NWFA encouraged him to leave the Boys and Girls Club and join the family business full-time. Just like his older brother Artem, Ronald credits his dad as his greatest boxing influence and notes that his favorite fighter is Bernard Hopkins.

“He has a different style,” says his father Timur, “and because of that he has something to teach our members. His demeanor is different than mine, he’s patient, he’s meticulous, and he focuses on the details and dynamics of every move and perfects it before moving on to the next and that’s what makes Ronald a great trainer.”

When Ronald isn’t working at NWFA, he enjoys taking naps, watching movies, playing basketball and video games, and spending time with his family, friends, and their family dog named Rambo.

Coach: Louie Romeo Betancourt

Meet Louie Romeo Betancourt, NWFA’s kickboxing trainer. Louie was born in Washington State and grew up in Redmond as the oldest of 4 children in his family. From a young age, he recognizes his father as being his first martial artist influence. After school, Louie would join in on trainings with his father who taught him Kempo Martial Arts. Growing up, he also played soccer, basketball, and football.

More than 3 years ago, Louie returned to his love of kickboxing and Muay Thai and says that he “loves how the art of the sport is demonstrated in combat.” When he’s in the ring, Louie feels like he’s more in tune with himself. “I pay a lot more attention to the way my body feels and how I generate the energy I put into every move I make. You could say I get a rush being in the ring, especially in those last ten seconds of a fight or round.”

Louie has a specific coaching style, he believes it’s important to be well disciplined and have fun in this sport. “It’s in our nature to learn when we play. So, I keep my classes fun but focus on the right exercises to build technique, accuracy, and speed to build a student’s muscle memory. At a certain point, the flow of movements becomes natural and then all that’s left is to have fun and enjoy what you’re doing,” he explains.

Today, Louie’s favorite kickboxer is Steve SuperKick Vick. Most importantly, Louie is a proud father to his 3 kids and enjoys teaching his oldest son kickboxing technique and taking him along to train like his father did with him. When he isn’t working or teaching his kickboxing class, Louie enjoys going hiking and going to the park with his family, and going out dancing on the weekends with his wife Haley.

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