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NWFA partners with Rock Steady Boxing

rock steady

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Rock Steady Puget Sound. We are so passionate about the work they are doing. This is an incredible program teaching boxing to Parkinson’s patients, helping them to slow down the progression of their illness. Welcome to the NWFA family!

Rock Steady Boxing Puget Sound, Inc is a 501 © (3) Organization. If you are looking for a charitable organization to donate to, contact them.

The mission of Rock Steady Boxing is to maximize the mental, emotional, and physical potential of people with Parkinson’s disease throughout their lives. The program helps them to adapt, eliminating the commonly occurring negative self-talk or self-image accompanying a degenerative, presently incurable illness. Instead we emphasize the enhancements possible to their quality of life and ability to perform and enjoy activities of daily living.

To get in contact with Rock Steady Boxing Puget Sound please call 425.508.1696.

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